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[SHOCKING] Is THIS the REAL REASON you feel so crummy?!

Some doctors and pharmacists act like THEY’RE doing YOU a favor by “letting you” take a medication that you never wanted in the first place.

Then… if you have the nerve to suffer a side effect… they’ll practically get mad at you for it!

Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s as if you’re being ungrateful for not liking the drug they’ve given you!

In some cases, they’ll even imply the problem isn’t the drug anyway.

It’s YOU!

See, every drug comes with a list of “official” side effects. And if your complaint is not on the list, they’ll assume it’s not from the drug… and, therefore, all in your “ungrateful” head.

Well, friend, new research reveals how it’s NOT all in your head…

And it also reveals a way out of this mess — a way to feel better in a flash with ONE, SIMPLE SWAP.

The SICKENING secret ingredient in your meds 

First off, despite your doctor’s protests, you ARE having a side effect.

But there’s a reason it’s not on the official list: it might not be from the med itself.

It’s from something ELSE that could be inside that pill — something that’s never gotten much attention at all.

Until now.

See, what’s inside a med isn’t just the med, aka the “active” ingredient. That’s just 29 percent of your pill, according to the new study.

The rest of the drug — 71 percent of it, by weight — are supposedly “inactive” ingredients.

But it turns out they’re not so “inactive” after all.

The new analysis of 42,000 medications finds 93 percent of pills contain AT LEAST ONE of 38 known triggers of problems in people with allergies or sensitivities, including: peanut oil… lactose… gluten… sugar… food dyes… and more.

On average, meds have at least eight inactive ingredients… but some have many more, including a few that have some three dozen inactive ingredients.

So here’s the deal: When you take a med and start to feel WORSE instead of better… when you’re CONVINCED that something’s not right… don’t let anyone tell you there’s nothing wrong.

Clearly, there is–and there’s no reason to keep feeling lousy when you don’t have to.

If your own doc won’t hear you out, seek the advice of a holistic medical doctor who can help swap your med for a safer (and allergy-free) natural alternative.

A good holistic doc can offer easy, safe and proven alternatives for:

  • Cholesterol (red yeast rice or Indian gooseberry)
  • Triglycerides (fish oil)
  • Blood pressure (minerals including calcium and potassium)
  • Blood sugar (chromium)
  • Pain (topical MSM)
  • …and more

But really, why wait until you feel side effects before you seek help?

Act now… and you may be able to avoid the meds — and the risks — in the first place. Just be sure to work with a doc on this and never quit meds on your own.

God bless,

Dr. Mark Stengler

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