Proven Disease CURES

“An alarming evolutionary event” – Infectious Disease Scientist

“Worst-case scenario” – Johns Hopkins


Chinese ‘Klebsi Plague’
Hits United States

AMERICAN SENIORS BEWARE: If you were born before 1961,
you are at immediate risk. Lungs fill with fluid –
Vital organs shut down – 100% DEATH RATE.


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The following is a Public Health WARNING for American citizens over the age of 60.

This message is NOT sanctioned by our U.S. government. They do not want to incite a public panic.

Your doctor, for controversial reasons, does NOT KNOW the information in this announcement.


He won’t tell you that a new bacterial plague from China is targeting American seniors this year…

and there is NO CURE.

It’s already killed its first American

And if you don’t know exactly what to do, you or your wife could be victims in 2019.

In a moment, I’ll share a solution for the Chinese ‘Klebsi Plague’.

And if you want to know how urgent the solution is, picture this terrifying scenario

You’ve been fighting a slight cough for a couple days.

Today, it’s taken a turn.

The cough is worse. And, worryingly, you feel a little short of breath.

So your wife drives you to the hospital.

You get admitted and the doctors start you on antibiotics.

“No problem! You’ll be right as rain in a week or so,” they say.

But you don’t get better.

In fact, you start getting worse.

Now, you’re running a high fever.

Awful, sharp pains in your head keep you from sleeping.

And you’re coughing up a disgusting jelly-like phlegm

Your doctors file into your hospital room, looking deadly serious.

They say you have a rare kind of bacteria… and it’s deep in your lungs.

Worst of all…

The antibiotics aren’t working

So they give you a different antibiotic.

And then another one. And another. And another.

They try every antibiotic they can.

NONE of them work.

At this point, pus is filling the space around your lungs… constricting them… you can barely breathe

And your liver and kidneys are failing

Finally, the doctors admit to your family that they’re completely out of options.

Your organs shut down. And just a few weeks after first feeling a mild cough…

You die in a hospital bed, hooked up to tubes and wires.

If that sounds dramatic,
then let me tell you this scary fact:
This scenario has already happened

Not long ago in China, five unlucky souls went into the hospital following a car accident…

And contracted a never-before-seen bacterial infection – the Chinese ‘Klebsi Plague’

Their lungs filled with fluid… they couldn’t breathe

Every antibiotic they tried did nothing… the infection spread and grew

In just a matter of days…

The Plague KILLED every single one of them.

That’s a 100% mortality rate. There is NO KNOWN CURE.

Dr. Amesh Adalja, M.D., of Johns Hopkins University, first sounded the alarm in the United States when he said “The fatal outbreak… represents a worst-case scenario.”

When Klebsi Plague gets to the U.S. in 2019 – and, yes, it is coming (I’ll show you the terrifying proof in a moment)…

If you don’t know exactly what to do, you,
your wife, or your family members
could be infected

My name is Susan White. I’m the Executive Director of the Alliance for Advanced Health – a medical research group based outside Washington, D.C.

We made this short presentation to share everything you need to protect yourself – and your loved ones.

Starting with what causes the “Klebsi Plague”

It’s a nasty bacteria called Klebsiella.

Now, scientists have known about Klebsiella bacteria for some time.

It’s been killing people across the United States – and seniors over 60 are especially at risk.

It becomes an especially dangerous form of pneumonia… shutting down your lungs and damaging your vital organs.

And the scariest part is,
Klebsiella seems to be “evolving”

It’s starting to become “antibiotic resistant”… meaning, modern medicine’s best weapon has stopped working.

But, luckily, there are still a few antibiotics that are effective in curing a Klebsiella infection.

Then something horrible happened a couple months ago in China…

The Klebsiella bacteria MUTATED.

Suddenly, it warped into something sinister… and terrifying.

This new “mutant” Chinese strain is like a Frankenstein version of the original.

This “Frankenstein” Klebsiella strain is much virulent – which means it is far more infectious and easily spread.

But worst of all… it is completely immune to antibiotics.

It just ignores them like a linebacker swatting a fly… and it just continues to spread and spread

It’s like nothing scientists have ever seen. In the words of England’s Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies, “The world is facing an antibiotic apocalypse.

There has simply never been a bacteria that is this infectious, deadly AND that can’t be treated by modern medicine.

Remember this day. After 115 years, it has finally happened…

Our medical system has failed

We are now seeing the end of “modern” medicine beating disease and infections.

And when this terrifying new Klebsi Plague hits America… we will be unprepared and defenseless.

And here’s the announcement the authorities would prefer we didn’t share: The Plague could already be here.

A few months ago, a 70-year-old woman from Nevada went into the hospital. She’d been traveling in India and picked up a nasty infection over there.

The hospital tested it and found she was infected with Klebsiella.

And it wouldn’t respond to treatment.

Her doctors tried EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 26 antibiotics available in the U.S. – including the “drug of last resort” colistin.

She died of septic shock from the Klebsiella infection.

This Nevada woman is the first U.S. victimBut she won’t be the last.

This map shows the predicted spread of the disease this year.


We’re estimating the exact timing, but based on the bird and swine flu epidemics, summer 2019 seems most likely.

When the first cases are reported… mass infection won’t be far behind. The Center for Disease Control is already warning of a “nightmare bacteria” that won’t respond to drugs…

And if the Klebsi Plague infects you or your wife, you can go to your doctor… but he won’t be able to help.

No one will.

Unless that is…

YOU already have a solution.

Yes, antibiotics are USELESS against the deadly Klebsi Plague…

The killer bacteria has mutated into something that is simply beyond the abilities of doctors and drugs.

But there’s a brand new kind of medicine – something that your doctor doesn’t know about yet

…that could be a life-saving shield against this coming plague.

Not only that – but this new medicine is so powerful it destroys all kinds of bacteria, parasites, and even CANCER

So why hasn’t your doctor gotten you a life-saving supply already?

Because it’s not a drug. It’s actually 100% natural – so he’s not allowed to prescribe it.

And, very likely, he’s never even heard of it.

You see, it’s not from the United States – so our medical system has completely missed it.

Recently, Japanese scientists were able to determine that certain exotic mushrooms have incredible healing powers.

So they combined extracts of the best medicinal mushrooms that were then…

scientifically tested and verified for their amazing curative abilities…

And formulated them into a brand-new kind of medicine called Hexose Cerate

You just take a little by mouth – and the results are astonishing doctors and patients alike.

In fact, Hexose Cerate is now being hailed in the scientific community as a kind of “all-disease miracle cure”.

It’s a completely new type of medical immunotherapy – which means it uses your body’s own immune system to cure disease and infection.

In lab and animal testing, Hexose Cerate has wiped out influenzaAvian “bird” flu, Candida fungus (yeast infections), Staph infection bacteria (MRSA), and even the dreaded HPV virus.

There’s more. Hexose Cerate also has been shown in animal studies to decrease high blood sugar, high blood pressure, inflammation, and stress levels.

It also kills cancer cells – even pancreatic and ovarian cancers – by the millions.

In human studies, it increased life expectancy for liver cancer patients by 125%!

Hexose Cerate is so powerful it’s now an accepted cancer treatment in more than 700 hospitals and clinics in Japan.

But it does something else amazing… Hexose Cerate can protect you against any bacteria or parasite, including Klebsiella

By giving you a superhuman immune system

It makes your body almost completely RESISTANT to infection and parasites…

So any virus, bacteria, or pathogen that comes your way is obliterated… by your own immune system.

You see, your body has something called Natural Killer or “NK” cells.

NK cells are special white blood cells that recognize and destroy infected cells or “invaders” that shouldn’t be in your body… such as a virus.

They’re like a tiny, fierce army in your blood.

And NK cells are the foundation of the incredible system our Creator gave our bodies to defend against disease.

But in some cases… like with the mutated Chinese “Klebsi Plague” bacteria… normal NK cells aren’t enough.

In the case of mutated Klebsi, the bacteria are too deadly.

Even antibiotics are useless against this mutant bug.

But Hexose Cerate does something incredible… 

Taking Hexose Cerate is like adding a giant supercharger to your immune system

It can increase the activity of your NK cells by as much as 250% PERCENT.

That means, it makes each NK cell into a super soldier – a constantly vigilant assassin on the lookout for any invader.

And when a harmful virus or bacterial cell is identified, your “supercharged” NK cells swarm and destroy it

before it has the chance to multiply and spread throughout your body.

In fact, Hexose Cerate has been specifically tested on Klebsiella bacteria in an animal study. And, wouldn’t you know it…

It increased the patient’s survival by 200%.

The proof is clear as day…

If you want to supercharge your immune system to help fend off the deadly Chinese Klebsi Plague…

…plus the flu and any other bacteria or virus that comes your way

And help your body eradicate cancer cells before they become tumors…

You need a personal supply of Hexose Cerate. Immediately.

When the Klebsi Plague spreads across America, there will undoubtedly be a huge run on Hexose Cerate.

It could quickly become completely unavailable

So if you don’t act now, you might not be able to get some when you or your wife needs it most.

Remember, Hexose Cerate is all-natural… it’s a true gift from God Himself for saving you and your family from illness and disease…

And I want to send you EVERY detail you need on how to get your own supply of Hexose Cerate.

How to take it… the correct dosage… and our ONLY recommended “5 star” source.


You’ll find all the information you need inside Uncensored Health: 25 “Forbidden” Cures You Can Have Today – a 422-page book I want to send you today absolutely FREE

…compliments of the Alliance for Advanced Health.

There’s a chapter on how to save yourself from the Klebsi Plague – as well as any nasty bacteria, virus, or infection.

And you’ll find out how to order a supply of Hexose Cerate for yourself, from the only source we recommend.

Uncensored Health: 25 “Forbidden” Cures You Can Have Today is truly your gift from us – free.

We want to make sure that American seniors
are fully protected when the Klebsi Plague
hits our country

But that’s not all I have for you today. Think even bigger…

I imagine it’s clear to you there is an epidemic of disease facing American seniors. The fact is…

More aging Americans will die of disease this year than at any time in history

279,000 seniors will die from Alzheimer’s disease this year…

113,000 seniors will die from strokes and other brain events…

489,000 seniors will die from heart disease

55,000 dead from diabetes

414,000 dead from cancer

That’s 1.3 million senior Americans who will die of this disease epidemic this year

And the number will only go up next year… and every year after that…

I pray that you are healthy… but maybe you or a loved one is facing a difficult diagnosis right now…

And if you are lucky enough to have avoided a diagnosis so far, how long do you have?

This much is clear: Every American senior is at immediate risk from this growing epidemic.

You. Your spouse. Your children. Your close family and friends.

Everyone you know and love.

That’s why you must get the truth today…

There are 7 new disease treatments available right now that could help END this epidemic for good

That could help protect you… and even CURE you… from each of the 7 most dangerous diseases affecting American seniors:

  1. A cancer treatment that destroys even deadly pancreatic and colon cancers… and is 3,000 TIMES stronger than chemotherapy. (Shocking, but true!)
  2. The Asian wonder called “Coptic salt” that WIPES OUT Type 2 diabetes… and is better than diabetes drugs in head-to-head trials
  3. A weird-looking mushroom from Europe that can REVERSE the effects of Alzheimer’s disease… better than every dementia drug on the market.
  4. How the world’s most disgusting food – Japanese “stink custard” – can save YOU from a lurking heart attack or stroke. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat it.)
  5. A simple mineral supplement that can now ERASE chronic pain. Yet 80% of us are deficient right now. (You won’t believe how easy it is to live free of pain…)
  6. The true secret to reversing blindness… that is in your stomach. Just wait until you hear about this one…
  7. How a little-known breakthrough for men can RESTORE the physical and sexual performance you had in your 20s… (and even protect against cancer).

They’re called the “Silent 7” because they’re
all but unknown in our country

They are DENIED by our corporate-owned US healthcare system…

Some might even say COVERED UP

But they’re all very real. They’re safe.

And they’re all available to you RIGHT NOWIf you only know where to look…

So why haven’t you heard about them before?

And why hasn’t your doctor mentioned ANY of the “Silent 7” to you?

Well, there’s a disturbing and shameful answer to that.

I think you can see why the Silent 7 – the covered-up CURES for Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pain, and more

…would be a colossal threat to drug company profits.

You see… there’s one chilling fact the drug companies hope the public never figures out…

Drugs don’t CURE anything. It’s true.

There’s not a single chronic disease in history that’s been cured by a prescription drug

After all, why would they want to cure you?

Then you’d stop taking the drug… and their profits would tank.

No, their goal is to keep you on their dangerous drugs… and make sure you keep paying for them – while never actually getting better.

So Big Pharma and their government allies make sure YOU never hear of the true disease solutions from around the globe like the Silent 7.

The Silent 7 will never see the light of day
in America

Millionaire drug company backers chose their own profits over the lives of American citizens…

It’s a crime. Senior Americans just like you continue to suffer from this disease epidemic… while corporate fat cats make millions.

While the drug companies decide which medicines and disease treatments are available to taxpaying Americans like me and you.

And these 7 lifesaving cures will NEVER see the light of day in American doctors’ offices and hospitals.

How angry does it make you to know there are these 7 VERIFIED CURES from around
the globe…

  1. A cancer treatment that is 3,000 TIMES more potent than chemotherapy and destroys even deadly pancreatic and colon cancer cells…
  2. The “Coptic salt” cure that WIPES OUT Type 2 diabetes… and crushed diabetes drugs in head-to-head trials
  3. A mushroom extract that REVERSES the effects of Alzheimer’s disease… better than every dementia drug on the market
  4. How smelly Japanese “stink custard” can save YOU from a lurking heart attack or stroke (And, no, you don’t have to eat it)…
  5. A common mineral supplement that can actually ERASE chronic pain. So why hasn’t your doctor mentioned it?
  6. The true secret to reversing blindness… that comes from your stomach. Your fading vision will soon be just a memory…
  7. For Men Only: A breakthrough that can RESTORE the physical and sexual performance you had in your 20s

And all of these cures and medical miracles are DENIED to true American citizens like you and me.

That ends today.

Because in this broadcast, I’m going to expose every one of the Silent 7… absolutely FREE.

I don’t care how much blood money this takes out of the pockets of Big Pharma…

Because I’m also going to tell you how you now can get all of them for yourself…

Legally. And easily. Most cost just a fraction of the dangerous drugs that are pushed on us…

But before we go any further, let me introduce myself again.

My name is Susan White and I’m the Executive Director of the Alliance for Advanced Health.

We’re a private membership organization of more than 47,000 doctors, scientists, researchers, and people just like me and you.

But more than anything else… we are Americans and we are patriots who love this country

We’re based near Washington, DC, and our mission is crystal clear… to hold our corrupt medical system accountable…

…by bringing information on TRUE disease cures from around the world direct to American citizens like you.

These are underground treatments – proven by the latest science – that you’ll otherwise never learn about from your doctor or pharmacist.

The conspiracy between Big Pharma and our government to keep them from you is simply too strong.

But that’s where the Alliance for Advanced Health comes in. We’re an independent organization that accepts NO government funding.

The Alliance puts American citizens like you first.

And exposes the secrets our own politicians pray you never see

And now we’re going to reveal the cover-up of these Silent 7 cures

Starting with…

A cancer-killing rainforest miracle… that is completely unknown to your own doctor

I’m about to expose an all-natural tumor-destroying compound that is over 3,000% STRONGER than chemotherapy

…yet is completely non-toxic to “normal” cells.

Let me repeat that.

There is, right now, a cancer treatment that is astronomically stronger than chemotherapy… but doesn’t have any of chemo’s devastating side effects.

Not only that, it’s proven effective in laboratory studies even against drug-resistant cancer cells… the ones that don’t respond at all to “conventional” treatments.

Forget poisonous chemo… scorching radiation… or disfiguring surgery.

And forget words like “hopeless” or “terminal”… because you’re about to learn something astonishing:

There is now a MUCH better way to defeat cancer… and it’s been proven to work in over a hundred scientific studies.

How in the world did this one get covered up?

Cancer is well on its way to becoming the most deadly disease in America.

Every one of us knows someone who has been diagnosed with this terrifying disease.

And, for many of us, we’ve lost beloved family members and close friends

So how angry would you be
to find out there’s a cure?

And that it was discovered almost 40 years ago… and kept from us ever since?

No more.

I’m going to share everything you need to know to get this cancer-destroying miracle for yourself and your family.

And I’ll show you the rock-solid evidence that PROVES how powerful this new treatment is at killing cancer cells… while leaving your healthy cells untouched

Finally, could you say “goodbye” to the threat of cancer… forever?

Are you ready?

This shocking story starts in an unusual place… deep in the darkest corners of the Amazon rainforest.

That’s where researchers first happened upon an odd-looking evergreen tree… about 20 feet tall… and covered in large, prickly fruit.

They called it “Muricata.

It seems the native Indians of the area had eaten the fruit of the Muricata tree for generations…

…swearing that it helped with heart and liver problems – and that it even cleared up nasty intestinal parasites.

But it wasn’t until 1976, when scientists began to study the strange Muricata fruit, that they discovered it holds an incredible, lifesaving secret

They learned that a special extract from the fruit… something scientists call “acetogenins”… was absolutely TOXIC to cancer cells

But was completely harmless to your healthy cells…

Since 1976, more than 100 individual scientific studies have been done on Muricata…

And the evidence is overwhelming…

Finally, could this be
THE ONE TRUE CURE for cancer?

Friend, if you or a loved one is fighting cancer now…

Even if you’ve been told your case is “hopeless”… do NOT give up.

Now, there is more than just hope

There is Muricata – the most promising cancer treatment on Earth.

But the only way you’ll learn about the Muricata miracle is right here, right now

Thanks to Big Pharma…

Your doctors and oncologists don’t know anything about Muricata

But because of new research conducted at the Alliance, we’re revealing every detail… right now.

Let me show you now exactly why Muricata is the answer to the prayers of anyone battling cancer

In a landmark laboratory study, a special extract from Muricata fruit was tested on cancer cells…

…in a head-to-head matchup against Adriamycin, a common chemotherapy drug.

So how did the rainforest wonder compare to the best of “modern” medicine?

Well, the contest was like Captain America swatting a housefly.

And by that I mean, Muricata – the rainforest cancer miracle – was so much more effective it wasn’t even close. In fact…

Muricata tested at 3,000 TIMES STRONGER
than the chemotherapy drug

It’s astonishing but true… Muricata is 3,000 TIMES more potent at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy.

Are you starting to see how proven disease CURES are available right now… but are hidden by our mainstream medical system?

Instead… all they offer are dangerous treatments like radiation therapy that causes MORE cancer.

Or painful surgery that often doesn’t work

Or, maybe worst of all, poisonous chemotherapy that can be more deadly than the disease itself.

There is now another way…

In fact, another cancer study done in Japan shows clearly what a lifesaver Muricata could be …

In this gold-standard study, mice with deadly lung cancer were given either chemotherapy… or the special Muricata extract.

After just 2 weeks, half of the mice that had received chemotherapy… were dead!

The chemotherapy actually killed 50% of the test subjects!

But the mice that got the Muricata miracle… well, ALL of them survived100%.

Not only that, the tumors in the Muricata mice were disappearing…

In fact, after only 2 short weeks, Muricata made the lung cancer tumors shrink a full 60%.

Again, after just 14 days… 60% of the cancer was gone.

Muricata is a mind-blowing breakthrough in cancer treatment.

And there’s so much more. You see, Muricata may be all but unknown to American doctors…

…but it’s already well known in the international scientific community as a miracle anti-cancer treatment.

Dozens of studies show it kills cancer and dissolves tumors… almost like magic.

In laboratory testing on mice it reduced the size of breast cancer tumors, stopped the spread of the cancer

…and brought about “apoptosis” – which is a scientific way of saying that it caused the cancer cells to self-destruct.

In a test on deadly bladder cancer cells in a lab, Muricata killed more than 64% of the cancer… in just 3 days.

That’s just 72 hours!

Then Muricata took on “incurable” pancreatic cancer.

As you may know, pancreatic cancer is practically a death sentence here in our country.

In fact, some forms of pancreatic cancer have less than a 2% survival rate.

American doctors simply have nothing to offer if you’re diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

And it’s a national shame they don’t know about Muricata extract. Because…

Muricata destroys pancreatic cancer cells too

It’s been PROVEN in lab studies to kill even deadly pancreatic cancer cells by interfering with the cell metabolism.

What that means is: Muricata enters the cancer cell… and almost magically shuts off its ability to create energy, grow and multiply.

The cancer cells die… the tumors dry up and disappear… while the healthy cells nearby are left untouched.

It’s astonishing… Muricata actually selectively targets and kills cancer cells – and ignores your healthy cells!

That’s why even the toughest tumors stand no chance against Mother Nature’s most effective cancer assassin.

Have you heard of “multidrug-resistant cancer”? That means a cancer that won’t respond to chemotherapy.

Imagine how scary it is to have your doctor tell you “I’m sorry. None of our best drugs work on your cancer. There’s nothing more we can try.”

Well, Muricata has now been shown in laboratory testing to destroy even these scary “chemo resistant” cancer cells.

And, around the world, the stories from happy Muricata patients are now flooding in…

In fact, with just a quick online search, it’s easy to find scores of people who have been saved by this new wonder-cure