Natural prostate cancer treatment 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Natural Effective no side effect

Okay, hello everyone.
I come from Australia, my name is Barry.
I was diagnosed with a prostate cancer, stage three, stage four.
I didn’t like that idea so I’ve turned around and looked on the Internet and I found the 3D prostrate cure, and I canceled the operation and booked in to come over here three weeks later.
That’s a very good choice, so I’ll tell you about some of my notes.
The treatment starts with the examination.
They check for having the safe health.
They check the prostate, they take a seminal vestibule fluids and they also test for cancer and bacteria.
That’s the first thing that they do.
We then have a comprehensive blood test which is taken about as soon as we can, they take everything.
And they also see if we have any viruses in the blood to.. Wednesday.
If I had any viruses, if they find any viruses we turn around and we go for another test at the top virus clinic in China here.
They test up to 20 viruses, and which is part of the course of the cancers we have in our body, and our body health.
Media, and if we are found to have a virus we’re then put down for a 15 day virus drip, and lack how we base this two hours a day.
That will.. You might have a mixture of viruses, you might have two, so you’ll have that drip going down for the 15 days and that will clean everything.
In the meantime I’m having the prostate injections with the natural anti-cancer serum with anti-virus and also bacteria, that is also fighting that as well.
So I’m getting that, a trickle made.
The daily condition from your drip is monitored by the nurse, she looks after you so there’s no problem there and your condition is monitored daily by Doctor Song.
Doctor song evaluates every patient as they come, everybody is different, and he will answer any questions that you need.
And one thing he’s getting is the rectal examination to check your prostates because they cause lesions between the prostate and the bowel.
And he is now already treating 10 people here, which have been cured for cancer of those lesions.
One person had their prostatectomy, but the leftover was cancer in one of those lesions, another one was treated by Doctor Song earlier but there’s still some cancer in the lesions so that was treating him, and now he’s here again.
So he’s taking care of cancer both.
While I was here I had 21 treatments.
I’ve actually, yeah, had 21 treatments and went in for another MRI and with the MRI it showed actually no signs of cancer, no signs of bacteria, so I’m very very happy about it.
And there’s no side effects, well a little bit of side effects, it gets sore after a while, there’s always the lesions, it’s okay.
The hardest part is changing your diet, so you have to get off coffee and alcohol, little seafood and things like that so.
The Doctor has also made, Doctor Song’s made some concoction of natural herbs, medicinal herbs to help my body adjust with everything to set itself down, and it will probably take, I mean, 6 months for my body to be able to restore back to normal, but even if it is back to normal, my prostate is back to normal, so it’s..
I’m very happy with this outcome.
Doctor Song made great reign.
Lisa has been very good, she communicates with us and also organizes everything, and she does her best.
And Doctor Ivan has been here for to grow the opportune, they both help together.
So I’m very to have gone with the 3D treatment, very convenient, I would recommend it.
Thank you.
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