We normally come across reasons like car accidents, cancer and heart diseases as the cause of somebody’s death. We are not unaware of the fact that these reasons have been the core cause of the death of hundreds of people around the world. This usually comes out as a result of unhealthy and bad lifestyle which turns out be everyone’s way of living these days.

The death toll of America has been surprisingly increasing over the few years. It is not just astonishing but is a matter of deep worry and concern as well. But sadly, in a place where a Cancer Society can turn out to be a complete fraud; anything can be actually expected from them. Moreover, it is not just cancer. People in America have died out of quite strange reasons as well. A lot of people have died due to the falling of coconuts in America. The poll is as high as 150 people every year. Malaria has been a great reason for the death of almost 2 million people around the world within a year. Similarly, in Russia, almost 150 people died due to the icicles. Astonishing as it is, the death toll of America is going higher day by day.
Coming back to the fraud of the American Cancer Society! As shocking as the news is; we are sad without any proper answer for this great mishap.
The American Cancer Society which has a cure rate of minimum 2.1% is recorded to receive endless contributions within every 10 minutes in comparison to the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. And the most surprising part is that ICRF has a cure rate of 90%. So why is this fraud being funded so much? Why isn’t there a stop to it and why aren’t people told to fund more to the ICRF?
Cancer is a disease which is too expensive to get cured. And a lot of people cannot stick to the medication for constant periods of time. This also becomes a huge reason for people to cure only 3-5% within a period of 5 years. You are likely to get cancer medicines from any drug store that is next to your place. But yet again; it is going to cost you tons more!
Here is another astonishing fact: in 2014, estimates of 1,665,540 people were diagnosed with cancer in the US. And 585,720 cancer patients died! This number actually defines the number of money that regulates within the Cancer hospitals within merely a year. ACS is a ghost which is running itself in this chaos. So what you need to do here, is to ditch the American Cancer Society and for god’s sake stop donating to them as well.
Won’t you want your loved ones to recover from cancer? Won’t you desire to see them come back to life? Are you going to make a place with only 2% cure rate your bet for treatment? Donate the right place before it’s too late. Health is wealth.