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Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary.

But lately you’re wearing your sheets thin tossing, turning, fussing and fidgeting… just PRAYING for a few peaceful minutes of sleep.

And each tick of the clock is a cruel reminder that you’re STILL waiting for some other herbal sleep aid to kick in.

How long has it been anyway? How long ago did you trudge to the bathroom, pour a glass of water, and choke down one of those pills…so fat it could gag a horse?

An hour? Maybe 2?

No longer. I’m about to give you the chance to feel something you haven’t felt at bedtime in years – CONTROL.

But, I need to be clear, this “sleep anytime” secret is nothing you’ve ever heard about before. Not from your doctor or pharmacist. No, today…

I’m going to introduce you to a scientific breakthrough that literally helps flip a hidden “snooze switch” buried deep inside your brain. And all without addictive chemicals.

Just picture it – sinking into your bed, breathing a deep, relaxed sigh of relief, knowing you’re just minutes from hours of peaceful, healing sleep. And that’s not even the best part.

This revolutionary sleep formulation works with your body’s natural sleep cycle and flips your brain’s snooze switch so quickly that by the time you lay down for bed…

You could feel it working in as little as 6 minutes!

Imagine how hours of effortless, deep sleep – night after blessed night – could transform your life. So let me explain exactly how this formula works naturally and safely to help deliver the best sleep you’ve had in years…

I’m Allison Davis, and I work with Dr. Mark Stengler, whom you know as one of the most innovative minds in all of medicine. Major news networks like Fox, CBS, NBC and PBS depend on Dr. Stengler to bring them the health discoveries that can keep you feeling like your best self.

But today Dr. Stengler has authorized me to reveal one of his most extraordinary breakthroughs.

You see, he’s now discovered a fast and effective way to help flip your brain’s hidden snooze switch – and once you see how EASY it can be…

You may NEVER have a sleepless night again.

Dr. Stengler was frustrated watching the patients at his own clinic throw away their hard-earned money on worthless sleep aids that just don’t work. Or worse, the ones that leave you limping out of bed each morning feeling like you were hit by a sledgehammer.

So he set his razor sharp medical mind to the task… spending countless hours reviewing the latest research and testing. And that’s when he made the remarkable health discovery that set centuries of sleep science right on its ear

And it’s the reason this breakthrough is unlike anything you’ve ever heard – or tried – in the search for relief from the hours of tossing and turning… and walking through your days like a sleep-deprived zombie.

Recently Dr. Stengler focused on an area of the brain called the Suprachiasmatic nucleus or the “SCM nucleus.” The SCM nucleus is a very special group of cells tucked deep inside the base of your brain.

This powerful band of cells isn’t just the key to a good night’s sleep – it’s your body’s own natural snooze switch!

Let me ask you this: Have you ever wondered how kids can sleep peacefully through even the loudest noises, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or a blaring car horn?

It’s because children have healthy levels of melatonin, a key hormone that doesn’t just regulate your sleep cycles – it COMMANDS your body to sleep.

You see, your body operates on a natural sleep clock or “circadian rhythm.” And it’s all controlled by your SCM nucleus… your body’s natural snooze switch.

Every night, your SCM nucleus tells your brain to release melatonin and send you off to dreamland. But here’s the kicker: By the time you hit 60, you’re only producing HALF as much melatonin as you used to.

The next thing you know, you’re staring at the clock…watching the minutes and hours tick by.

The bottom line is… If your SCM nucleus doesn’t have the melatonin it needs to do its job, you’re not going to sleep – at least not for long.

It’s that simple. Your body’s natural snooze switch is CRYING OUT for help — and Dr. Stengler is coming to the rescue.

You see, he learned that if you deliver melatonin right to your brain, it jumpstarts and supports your snooze switch. It helps your SCM nucleus send a message throughout your body… from head to toe… that it’s time for the deepest, most peaceful sleep you’ve had in years.

In one small study, adults who took melatonin stayed asleep 37 minutes longer than those who didn’t! So tell me…

What would YOU do with that extra sleep every single night?

Without melatonin you simply can’t… and won’t… get a full night’s sleep. And once your body’s snooze switch is flipped, you stay asleep.

But before you rush out to buy some melatonin, hold those horses! You’d be making a big mistake. You see,melatonin by itself simply is not enough. You’d only be getting half of what you really need…

No, Dr. Stengler learned that if he combined melatonin with some very special – very rare – natural herbs he could deliver the most complete, most effective sleep formula ever: A sleep formula that not only helps you get to sleep, but helps you stay asleep longer AND could help you feel less anxious and stressed.

So, through his personal experience, he believes he’s created the most effective sleep formula ever available.

And make no mistake: This is Dr. Stengler’s own formula… the same one he gives patients at his famous California clinic. And, now, it’s available to you through this special presentation.

He calls it Sleep Dissolves and let me explain exactly how your sleepless nights and bleary-eyed days could be a thing of the past…

Along with just the right amount of melatonin to feed your SCM nucleus cells, every tablet of Sleep Dissolves offers a hearty supply of the natural amino acid 5-HTP.

This special amino acid works with melatonin to help keep your snooze switch in the off position all night long.

And if you haven’t heard of it before, that’s not a surprise. You see, this 5-HTP is extracted from a rare shrub African tribes have worshiped for centuries for its amazing ability to promote sleep and even stomach and kidney health.

So if your body is low on 5-HTP, it’s nearly impossible to get that from your diet.

Sleep Dissolves is a way to give your body all the 5-HTP it needs to help maintain its natural sleep rhythm, support your body’s snooze switch, and give you the eight hours of precious sleep you deserve night after night.

In fact, 5-HTP is commonly used alone in high doses to help people fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

If you give Sleep Dissolves just ONE NIGHT to flip your body’s natural snooze switch and send you off to hours of bedtime bliss, you could see why …

Sleep Dissolves is safer… faster… and more effective
than anything you’ve tried. EVER.

You could feel Sleep Dissolves’ powerful ingredients helping to flip your natural snooze switch and going to work fast! And once you lay down for bed, you could even fall asleep in just six short minutes! And that’s not a promise – that’s an ironclad satisfaction guarantee.

In fact, in a small study on one of Sleep Dissolves’ key ingredients, even college kids fell asleep in just six minutes — in the middle of the day!

Now, finally, you could safely and naturally…

Command your body to sleep in just 6 SHORT minutes. Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

In fact, Sleep Dissolves is so powerful… so complete… so safe to use night after night… that we can make three promises you likely won’t hear about any other product:

  • Sleep Dissolves goes to work INSTANTLY. It dissolves right on your tongue, so no more trudging to the bathroom for a glass of water and waiting hours for results. Within minutes, Sleep Dissolves works to help flip your snooze switch and trigger your body’s own natural sleep cycle.
  • You can use Sleep Dissolves every… single… night. Because Sleep Dissolves is natural, you’ll never have to worry about addictive chemicals or swallowing larger and dangerous doses just to catch some Zs. It works WITH your body instead of fighting it.
  • You’ll NEVER have a sleep-aid hangover again! Sleep Dissolves promotes the most natural, healthy sleep you’ve had in years. Forget waking up each morning groggy or with a noggin-splitting headache – all you’ll feel after a night with Sleep Dissolves is REFRESHED.

Just listen to what some delighted Sleep Dissolves customers have to say:

“I absolutely love this product. I’ve had difficulty with sleep issues most of my adult life and I’m so thankful I’ve found something that actually works!”
Tabitha C.

“I had a hard time going to sleep, so I needed help.  I noticed a difference with Sleep Dissolves in the first night!”
Wilma V.

“I decided to try Sleep Dissolves because I have trouble falling asleep many nights due usually to over active thoughts.  I do not like to take most sleep aides because they leave me groggy the next day.  With Sleep Dissolves, I have found that I can fall asleep in a very short amount of time!  This is the only product that has really helped me get the rest I need.”
Amanda G.

“With Sleep Dissolves, I noticed an immediate difference being able to fall asleep– from the very first night! I am so pleased with this natural product. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
Lonnie A.

Dr. Stengler knows he can deliver the same results, night after night, for you. The secret is Sleep Dissolves’ powerful ingredients, gathered from around the world, that help prepare your body for sleep… flip your brain’s natural snooze switch… and keep you asleep all night long.

But there’s more. Much more. From the moment the first Sleep Dissolves tablet melts on your tongue, you’ll feel it soothing away a day’s full of worry, getting your body ready for deep, healing sleep.

That’s because Sleep Dissolves contains the ingredient L-Theanine…

Mother Nature’s miracle “stress soother” – shown to help
slash your nighttime worrying

L-Theanine is found in the same green tea Asian healers have been using for centuries to promote deep, restful sleep. It travels straight to your brain, where it promotes relaxation and helps smooth out erratic brain waves.

This is the EXACT same pre-sleep routine recommended by the world’s leading sleep therapists, who charge THOUSANDS for their services.

In a study published in one of the world’s leading medical journals, young boys who took a daily dose of L-Theanine saw a decrease in their stress levels. L-Theanine can let you leave your worries behind – and gets your body ready to sleep like a baby.

Plus, Sleep Dissolves has a powerful proprietary blend of lemon balm leaf, chamomile and passionflower – natural ingredients from around the world that won’t just help you sleep better … you’ll be relaxing like a king!

Chamomile and lemon balm leaf are natural sedatives that were trusted by ancient Egyptian pharaohs and kings from Greece to England. After witnessing firsthand how lemon balm leaf melted away his subjects’ worries, the Emperor Charlemagne DEMANDED it be planted at every monastery throughout his kingdom!

More than 1,200 years later, researchers have found that 600 mg of lemon balm leaf per day was effective at soothing away worries and setting you up for a good night’s sleep!

And according to in vitro research, the passionflower in Sleep Dissolves may help increase your levels of GABA vital neurotransmitter that quiets those overactive brain cells that can keep you pacing the floor at 3 a.m. Passionflower is so powerful… and works so fast… hospitals around the world DEPEND on it to calm patients before surgery!

There is no other way to get this blend of ingredients except through Dr. Stengler’s breakthrough formula. Fact is, Sleep Dissolves prepares your body for sleep like no other sleep-aid you’ve ever seen.

And while Sleep Dissolves is relaxing your cares away… while you feel it working to soothe those tense muscles and erase a day’s worth of stress… its powerful ingredients are already traveling to your brain.

And in as little as six minutes after you lay down for bed, you could feel Sleep Dissolves…

Flip your natural snooze switch for a
full-night’s sleep, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

Listen, you can’t put a price on your sleep… on waking up each morning with the health and energy to tackle all life has to offer… but there are plenty of companies out there who try. They’ll charge $70… $100…or more for just ONE MONTH of sleeping aids that don’t work, don’t treat the right symptoms, or can leave you in an annoying brain fog 24 hours a day.

Well, that’s not how Dr. Stengler does business. That’s why he’s doing something that is guaranteed to make Sleep Dissolves the most complete, in-demand sleep solution out there. If you act RIGHT NOW, you can…

Let Sleep Dissolves help deliver the best sleep of
your life for less than a dollar a day!

No, you’re not dreaming – not yet. For less than you spend on a cup of coffee to help you get up after a sleepless night, you can start working WITH your body’s natural sleep cycle to enjoy night after night of deep, restorative sleep.

After just one night with Sleep Dissolves… after just ONE night of seeing how in just SIX MINUTES after laying your head on the pillow it can help flip your brain’s natural snooze switch and COMMAND your body to sleep… you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

But you’ll never have to. Dr. Stengler knows how precious your sleep is to you, and he wants to make sure you can ALWAYS have your trusty bottle of Sleep Dissolves right by your bedside, where it belongs.

Thanks to his complimentary Auto-Delivery Service, you can order Sleep Dissolves RIGHT NOW and lock in today’s low price forever — guaranteed.

When you order today, you’ll quickly receive your first bottle of Sleep Dissolves. Take it nightly for deep, natural sleep. Then, just when your bottle is running out, we’ll rush you a new bottle, conveniently charging the same credit card you use today.

Of course, you can cancel or change this service any time you please. But the best part is, as a member of his Auto-Delivery Service, you never pay a penny for shipping. That’s right – free shipping for as long as you remain a member!

And you can take Dr. Stengler’s word right to the bank. You don’t become a world-famous physician and one of television’s most trusted doctors without standing behind your products 100%. That’s why Sleep Dissolves comes with Dr. Stengler’s no-nonsense, no-excuses “Anytime Guarantee.”

If you’re EVER unhappy with Sleep Dissolves… if it doesn’t have you sleeping like a baby the very first night you try it and every night after… he wants you to send it back for a complete refund.

No questions asked and no fine print. And that guarantee never expires, even if you’re returning an empty bottle.

Dr. Stengler couldn’t make a guarantee like that unless Sleep Dissolves did everything he’s promising, and more. Because Sleep Dissolves gently works with your body’s own natural snooze switch, it’s the safest, most effective thing you’ve tried — and you’re about to discover just how powerful and fast-acting this revolutionary formula can be.

But there is one catch. Sleep Dissolves and your exclusive free shipping offer are available ONLY through BestHealth Nutritionals. You won’t find Sleep Dissolves in any retail stores or pharmacies.

That’s how Dr. Stengler and his team at BestHealth Nutritionals are able to keep prices low and ensure the quality you expect. So, to let Dr. Stengler’s sleep breakthrough help you drift into deep, natural sleep – night after restful night – you must order now.

Click the button below now to reserve your own supply of Sleep Dissolves. Remember, with Dr. Stengler’s Anytime Guarantee there’s no risk to you. Ever.

Make this investment in yourself and try Sleep Dissolves today. You have nothing to lose, and night after night of perfect sleep to gain.

To your health,

Allison Davis
Director of Research and Development
Best Health Nutritionals

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