All About Holistic Wellness and How it Benefits You


The term “Holism” was first introduced by Jan Christian in 1926.  The word was originated by the Greek word “holos,” meaning “whole”. According to Oxford Dictonary Holism is “”the theory that certain wholes are to be regarded as greater than the sum of their parts.” This same dictionary defines holistic medicine as treating the whole person, including mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms of a disease.”

Holistic Approach to Health

The modern medical system didn’t consider the social, psychological and environmental system of human beings for the treatment.  However, it is very important to consider the human beings as multidimensional beings having body, mind and the spirit and all of them are closely related to each other and a perfect balance between each of these is essential to cure the diseases of human beings.  Holistic treatment views the human beings as a whole and thus provides the treatment considering all the three elements i.e. body, mind and spirit. It also considers the surroundings, behavior, physical, psychological, social and other environmental and spiritual aspects of an individual.


The United Nations World Health Organization (W.H.O.) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. It is therefore health includes both physical and mental factors.  The better approach for living a healthy life is to boost one’s immune system with natural medicines that are safe and have very little or no side effects. One of the primary benefits of the holistic health approach is that it encourages the innate capacity of the body to heal itself.


The basic principle behind the Holistic Treatment is that the natural remedies and strong immune system of human beings has the potential to heal and prevent diseases.


The mind is an essential part of an individual. It is the mind that makes balance between the inner and outer world. At, we assist you to handle and overcome the stress that becomes hindrance in your success. We also help you to overcome from the causes of stress. We suggest various ways of Meditation, yoga techniques, relaxation techniques that can improve your concentration and help in providing clarity of thought. We also recommend various acupuncture techniques, natural oils, masotheraphy etc to help you to gain the energy from within.


The body of an individual needs to be revitalized from time to time. At, we release the muscular tensions through balancing massages, proper exercises and the whole body system is refreshed with the help of hydrotherapy, vegetables and mudpacks.  We also recommend touch therapy for proper body growth of the body.


The spirit is more powerful than body or mind as it is the real source of energy from within.  The inner self needs to be at comfort and peace to make your body and mind healthy. Here at, we learn how to move into the realm of personal transformation and how to make yourself internally strong.

Contact today to restore your losing energy, soothing your mind and uplifting your spirit to enhance the feeling of well-being. Ashok Acharya is one of the top astrologer in delhi offering holistic wellness services.


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