For understanding we search to see,
A sign that life gave us the key,
To rightly know that you and me,
Are interacting as we need to be.
See GOD in creation had a plan,
That good intent was a part of every man,
And if through those eyes everyone you see,
Then understanding has become a part of thee.
You see through eyes focused by belief,
Then understanding is your only relief,
You see the key to each and every event,
Is the love that was the original intent.

By Emerson Custis


The spirit of human pride,
Is a well of ignorance deep inside.
Black, white, yellow, brown, and red,
Five reasons mankind can’t get ahead.
But listen my brother, listen here.
Look inside and conquer your fear,
Of who is right and who is wrong,
All tell those ignorant thoughts begone.
Love made a man, and gave him a name.
Tho’ different colors, He made all the same.
Stand tall, proud spirit, be what you be.
Take not advice from poetry.
Knowledge is love, and ignorance is hate.
Which will you become, I can hardly wait.
Be strong, proud spirit and never see,
The beauty of love, inside of thee.
You see, that which is perceived in one,
Is inside the other.
Yet, you love me not my brother!

By: Emerson Custis



Adamant.adamant, or so it would seem,
Adamant is innocent
And God knows what it means.
The truth we say is adamant,
Is somewhere in-between.
For adamant may not present
The truth on which you lean.
So next when you are adamant,
Be sure to get the facts.
Do not something you might regret,
When the truth comes rolling back.
By Emerson Custis